Scalp Micropigmentation  center

​City, having up to one hundred hairstylist working all at once in one giving time. We guaranty that your visit will be an exciting experience.The technician Wilfredo Morales is a New York Licensee of Scalp Aesthetics and has been a Hairstylist  since 1979. Specializing in hair tattoos. He recently integrated the service of micro-pigmentation and with his years of experience as a hairdresser, you can feel confident that you will be in the best service care possible. Anything you want can be achieved and during your consultation we will go over how dense you want your hair, the darkness and overall look you are striving for. Our specialist will be very honest and upfront with you if your desires fit into what is achievable or not. Honesty and integrity is the Sm-pigmentation way. Thank you !

New York , New York

​​Our micro-pigmentation  services location is at Astor Place Hair Salon. We are Located at 2 Astor Place New York , New York 10003. Astor Hair Salon is the biggest barber shop in New York

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